Suddenly, from outside the door heard a cry mengucapkansalam. "Can I enter?" tanyanya.Tapi Fatimah did not allow in, "forgive me, my father was cold," said Fatimah, the reverse of the body and close the door.

Then it was back to accompany his father who appears to have opened mataDan asked Fatimah, "Who then, O my son?" "No tahulah my father, who looks like this new one I saw," said Fatimah lembut.Lalu, He stares at the princess with a view of engaging.

As if the order is to be the face of his results. "Ah, he removes the temporary enjoyment, he is a separate meeting in the world. Malakul He died," said the Prophet, Fatimah ledakkan tangisnya detained. The angel of death comes closer, but the Prophet asked why Jibril did not follow the same participating.
Then Gabriel dipanggilah previously been prepared in the heavens God celebrate the spirit and love of this world leader. "Gabriel, explain what will hakku before God?" Ask the Prophet with a very weak voice. "Doors were open sky, the angels of heaven were open wide waiting ruhmu.Semua kedatanganmu waiting," said Gabriel.
But that turned out not to make Allah's relief, his eyes still full of emergency. "You are not happy to hear this news?" Gabriel asked again. "Tell me how soon the fate of my followers?" "Do not worry, 'O Messenger of Allah, I heard God say to me:' Kuharamkan heaven for anyone, except the people Muhammad had remained in it," said Gabriel.

Moments closer, it's time to do the task Izrail. He pulled gently soul. See the entire body of the Prophet bersimbah sweat, stretches his neck veins. "Jibril, how pain is sakaratul death." He gently murmur.

Terpejam Fatimah Ali is in the bow sampingnya and spirit away. "Jijikkah you see me, you turn to face the Spirit?" He asked the angel of revelation is the medium of instruction. "Who could, dear God direnggut term view," said Gabriel. He heard the groan while later, because the pain is not unbearable. "O God, death is really horrible, it took all inikepadaku death penalty, not in my followers." The Messenger from the cold, feet and chest is not moving again.

Vibrating lips as if to whisper something, Ali immediately approached and ears. "Uushiikum bus shalati, wa maa malakat aimanuku, ward prayer, and save those poor among you." Outside the door heard crying from bersahutan, friends hugged each other.
Fatimah clasp hands in his face, ears, and Ali back closer to the lips blue from the Prophet. "Ummatii, ummatii, ummatiii?" - "It would, my followers" And, berakhirlah noble human life which is radiation. Now, Can we love like?